CM8801FN Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

CM8801FN Digital Coating Thickness Gauge


Coating Thickness Gauge can easily measure the thickness of all kinds of coatings, painting and film on all the metals. There are 2 different reading types known as Fe type and NFe type on this coating thickness gauge.

Fe type gauge is good for the thickness of non-magnetic coating on Ferromagnetic bases (e. G. Iron, nickel and more), like plating layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper/aluminum and some alloy tiles papers and others. 

NFe type probe for measuring the thickness of any non-magnetic coating on Non-Ferromagnetic metal base (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc. ), like anodizing, varnish, paint, enamel, plastic coating, power layers, and others.


Coating Thickness Gauge-CM8801FN

A MUST HAVE Smart Tool for:
Powder Coaters
Coating Inspectors
Automotive Refinishers 
Paint Applicators & Contractors


Measurement Range:0~49 mils/0~1250μm

Accuracy:± (0.3 mils+3%); 2μm +3%)



 Measures paint on ANY METAL including steel, aluminum, brass, etc. Automatically recognizes the  material and takes a measurement.

 Automatic ON/OFF switching.

 Factory calibrated and ready for use. Measures precisely right out of the box.

 ZERO set feature for non-standard surfaces.

 RESET to factory settings feature when no zero reference is available.

 Strong, wear resistant probe.

 Large 2 Line High Contrast Flip LCD Display for viewing in any position.

 Stores last 10 readings in a Memory (Measure now, compare all the results later).

 Durable quality construction.

 Fast and accurate measurements.

 Simple operation: No user calibration required.

 Mils/Microns selectable. Displays readings in Metric (μm) or Imperial units (mil).

 Pocket-sized for comfortable one hand operation.

 Supplied with a set of plastic test shims.